The 7 perfect plants to bring greenery to your bathroom

Transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary of rest and relaxation? This is possible thanks to green plants! Indeed, beyond their decorative power, they have many soothing and purifying virtues, bringing calm and serenity to your room.
But then how do you find a plant that is resistant to heat, humidity and the low light generally present in bathrooms?
Do not panic ! We have prepared a list of 7 plants that will flourish perfectly in these particular conditions.

Fern Asplenium Parvati

The Asplenium Parvati is a pretty Fern recognizable thanks to its intense green foliage, very dense and decorative. Grown indoors, it will need a lot of humidity and relatively mild temperatures (between 18 and 24°C). In addition, being from the undergrowth, it has no difficulty in flourishing in the dark. It will therefore fit perfectly in your bathroom.

It is also important to note that Asplenium Parvati has depolluting properties. Thus it will eliminate toxins from household products.

The Kentia Palm

The Kentia is a tall, majestic palm that will easily bring an exotic style to your bathroom. It appreciates the light a lot but tolerates a more shaded location very well.

This palm is also very effective in capturing small polluting particles found in household products, tobacco, home fragrances and transforming them into oxygen. Thus, it helps to purify the ambient air .

The Monstera

Originally from the tropical forests of southern Mexico, the Monstera likes humidity and heat. It will therefore find its place perfectly in your bathroom.

This plant is known for its large rounded and perforated leaves which gives it a touch of originality. Being able to measure up to 20 meters in its natural environment, it is quite imposing and will be enough to change the atmosphere of your room.

The Banana tree

Contrary to beliefs, the Banana tree is not a tree but an arborescent herbaceous plant. Much appreciated for its large green leaves, it will bring a tropical atmosphere to your bathroom.

The banana tree is easy to maintain, it needs light, a warm temperature and regular watering to flourish. However, it is sensitive to direct sunlight from which it must be protected. In addition to being very decorative, the Banana tree is excellent for eliminating small toxins from our interiors and bringing calm and serenity to your room.

The Calathea

Native to the tropical forests of South America, the Calathea thrives in a warm, humid and shady environment. He will therefore appreciate the atmosphere of the bathrooms reproducing his natural environment.

The beauty of Calathea is in their leaves, which are colored in different shades of green and decorated with patterns. They also have the particularity of changing position and opening during the day, depending on changes in light, temperature and humidity.

Of the many species, the Calathea Triostar has long, thin leaves, tinged with varying shades of green and pink. On the underside, these have a plum color creating a nice contrast.

The Calathea Leopardina , on the other hand, has large light green leaves on which darker veins emerge.

Calathea Oppenheimiana is distinguished by its light green foliage streaked with darker greens. The plum color, present on the underside of its leaves, is revealed in the evening, when they fold in on themselves.

The Zamioculcas

Symbol of stability, the Zamioculcas does not lose its leaves and grows quite slowly. It is particularly recognizable thanks to its green, symmetrical and leathery foliage. This plant, originally from Tanzania, has developed a technique to survive the drought of its environment: during torrential rains, it stores water so that it does not run out for several weeks.

The Zamioculcas adapts to a wide level of light but does not support direct sunlight. It is also a very effective depolluting plant against certain toxins such as xylene , toluene , or benzene very present in household products. Thus, it will help purify the air in your bathroom.

Phalaenopsis orchid

The Phalaenopsis Orchid will flourish perfectly in the humidity and warmth of a bathroom. A temperature between 16 and 27°C will suit it perfectly. However, it does need a lot of light, so be sure to find a bright spot for it out of direct sunlight.

The orchid is one of the few plants that continues to purify the air in your home after the sun goes down. It transforms ambient CO2 into oxygen even in the absence of light. So you can enjoy purified air while taking your bath even in the middle of the night.

Marie-Alix Dobetzky