The 5 easy-care plants that need little care

You do n't have a green thumb but love indoor plants? Worry no more, there are some very easy-care green plants that require almost no effort on your part! Indeed, some species are indestructible and fear neither heat nor cold, nor excess or lack of water and light. You can now decorate your interior with plants without having to fight for their survival!

The benefits of owning an easy-care houseplant are numerous. First of all, it allows you to decorate your interior while purifying the air in your home. Then, it allows you to start gardening at your own pace. It is therefore a good solution for beginners . But above all, it does not require any particular indoor conditions since it easily survives anywhere: it is more enduring and therefore lives longer.

Here is a list of some almost indestructible plants that require very little maintenance:

The sanseviera : This plant is also called mother-in-law's tongue, it is impossible to get rid of it. It is known to be very robust, practically indestructible because it adapts to all types of interior. It is able to withstand both full sun and low light. In addition, the sansevieria being native to the arid deserts of West Africa, requires very little water, especially in winter.

The schefflera : It is also called the finger tree, because of the characteristic shape of its leaves. This is a fairly accommodating plant, even if you choose a slightly darker location for it, it will be fine! A little direct sunlight is okay, but no more than a few hours a day if you don't want to damage its leaves.

The dracaena song of jamaica : The dracaena is especially known because it requires little care. It doesn't need any special conditions to grow other than a little light. Place it therefore preferably behind a window but beware of direct sunlight which could burn its leaves. The dracaena should not be cut when grown indoors and only requires watering once a week.

Spathiphyllum : You probably know it as the moonflower. It has the advantage of not being binding! It can survive very well in dark or bright places. But if you get the chance, she does best in a bright space out of direct sunlight. A well-maintained moonflower can produce several flowers per year that can last for several months!

The polyscias : It is an ideal succulent plant to fill the shaded places of your interior. Choose a semi-shaded room, without direct sun, without the space being dark. Be careful, as this plant does not like direct sunlight. If you don't place it near a heat source, you'll be fine! Since it loves shade, this plant will drink little. One watering a week is enough. A good tip: wait until the surface of the soil is dry before each watering.

Amaury Focant