Our top tips for taking care of your plants when you're away.

That's it, summer has arrived, the sky is blue, the temperatures are rising and you can't wait to bask in the sun. But before packing your bags and setting off for new adventures, are you sure you've thought of everything? What are you going to do with your plants while you're away?

Yes, don't forget that these are small living beings who are counting on you to take care of them and help them survive! But then, how to take care of it when you leave for several weeks? Is there a solution to not find them in a sad state? How do you avoid wasting all the efforts you've put in place to apply our top tips for having a green thumb ?

Here's our guide to keeping your plants healthy while you're away!

1- Give them a summer haircut!

First tip : before leaving, remember to remove dry leaves and dead flowers from your plants using pruning shears. These require a lot of energy and prevent new growth from growing. In addition, do not forget to remove those that have fallen into the pots. Indeed, their decomposition can attract many insects.

Second tip : clean the leaves of your plants with a damp cloth to remove dust. Dirt prevents the phenomenon of photosynthesis and the leaves from properly capturing light.

2- Give them a bath!

Before you leave, it is important to water your plants thoroughly . Remember to adapt the quantity to the needs of each of them.

Small tip: you can place them in your shower or bathtub to facilitate the process. Pour water until it comes out through the drainage holes and let the soil drain before replacing the plants in their saucer. Standing water can lead to root rot.

3- Position them strategically!

Gather your plants in one place, as they naturally give off moisture. By grouping them, each can benefit from the humidity created by the others. It is best to place them in a cool, bright room, out of direct sunlight .

If you have a lot of tropical plants, we advise you to further increase the humidity in your room. To do this, distribute gravel in the saucers of your plants and pour water into it so that the base of the stones is completely submerged. By evaporating, the water will increase the ambient humidity.

If you leave for more than a fortnight, you will have to put in place other little tricks to keep your plants in perfect health.


First solution : call on a friend. Give him all the instructions so that he can take care of your little jungle .

Second solution : plan for watering by capillarity. fill a basin with water and then raise it above your pot. Place the end of a string in the water and the other in the soil, at the foot of your plant. Your plant will be able to drink water via the string.

Third solution : create a drip system. For this you will need a plastic bottle, a needle, a toothpick and a lighter. Heat the needle with the lighter, then poke a hole near the neck of the bottle. Place the toothpick at a slight angle in the hole and fill your bottle. Place it upside down in your pot, so that the toothpick is 4-5 cm from the soil in the direction of the ground. Finally, drill a few holes on the bottom of the bottle. This will allow air to enter and therefore water to drain.

Thanks to all these tips, you can finally leave serenely without worrying about your plants. We wish you all a very good holiday before a return to school full of greenery.

Marie-Alix Dobetzky